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At 'The Florist' we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, having decorated all aspects of wedding flowers in Norfolk for over twenty two years, in all types of setting. Whether you are planning a small, intimate family occasion or a large party, our patient and caring approach with attention to detail reassures and gives confidence to every bride and groom that their special day will be truly inspired.

From our shop in Wroxham, we offer a bespoke package from a single button hole to a decorated church and reception venue. We provide the highest level of individual service to assist you and using our experience to bring your ideas and dreams to reality with your own unique and beautiful event.You are always welcome to join us for a tea or coffee in our friendly, relaxed shop and to sit down and browse our many photographs and customer testimonials. If you would like a detailed quotation we would recommend that you telephone us on 01603 783319 in advance to make an appointment.

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